The Worst Day

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it got worse. In that worst day, though I looked for God, and I found Him, right beside me, working all things to His glory.


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Last Wednesday was the worst day I've had in recent memory. My A/C went out Tuesday night. I thought changing the filter might miraculously bring it back to life, so I tried that, only to wake up Wednesday and know that I had to call the A/C repairman. That meant I had to work from home Wednesday afternoon—that would be great except I was working on a crucial fix for a defect that was supposed to be in by Thursday afternoon and I really needed the support of people at work. So I'm home, in the heat, struggling to get this work done when the cramps began. I'm talking about the "I can't stand up or sit up straight" type of cramps. So now, I'm also trying not to look like a crazy person with the A/C guy in my house.

So I'm hot, frustrated, in pain...and of course hungry. I can't take medicine for the cramps on an empty stomach! But I didn't have any food in my fridge because I'm out of town this week and I didn't want to stock the fridge before leaving. So I order food. My order gets delayed. Then the driver got lost. 2 hours later, I still didn't have food.

By now the A/C guy is telling my I need a whole new unit and I'm cringing at the price I'm being quoted. I couldn't help but be angry. There I was trying to be a good person, trying to do the right things and everything was going wrong. What was God doing?

This is what God was doing:
  1. If the A/C had gone out any later, I wouldn't have been able to get it fixed before I left for my trip. I either would have left my home in a state of no A/C or it would have broken while I was gone. My cat Bubbles is home alone for 2 days, and then my parents are going to go cat sit. If the A/C had broken in that time, she could have died.
  2. I always have cramps, that's a given. but if they'd happened a day earlier or a day later, I would have had to take another day off work. Misery would have spread across multiple days
  3. My fix made perfect sense. I still don't know why it didn't work, but yesterday, the higher ups said the defect isn't actually my fault and I shouldn't be writing code to mask/accommodate the fault of other apps. If my fix had worked, I would have proceeded to merge it, but now the company is working to actually fix the root problem.
  4. The food... I asked God to help me with being patient. I think that's all there is to that. Or God trying to convince me not to order out so much.
God was there the whole time. He made sure the worst situation had the best outcome.

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