Stalling the Ineveitable

I've always had trouble with my cycle: from cramps, to heavy flows, to unpredictability... I've thrown up, passed out, lost my peripheral vision, and everything in between. So when I realized that my period was due for a visit during my first mission trip, I was worried. I was already worried about spending a whole week with people—I'm not usually a people person. Adding PMS on top of that seemed like a recipe for disaster. To top it off, it was due around the time I was planning to go hiking through the rainforest so that I could go zip lining and cave tubing. It seemed like a horrible situation.

So, every day I was praying that God would work a miracle.

On Wednesday, my period showed up a whole 2 days early; the exact opposite of what I was praying for. That didn't stop me, though. I asked God to basically pause my period so I could enjoy the zip lining and cave tubing. I asked Him to make the actual period light and painless so that I could continue to help on Friday and not having any problems on Sabbath. When I woke up Thursday morning, I hadn't bled all night. My period actually stopped until Thursday night. I had minimal cramp when it resumed and it was much lighter than usual.

Matthew 7:7 says that if we ask, it will be given to us. I asked, and God gave.

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