Shipwrecked on Earth

What does our planet look like to someone (angels/God) not from here?
Once upon a time, I knew of another place,
Unfortunately, my vessel crash landed here—
I stepped out to find this poisoned planet,
And my whole self was consumed in fear.
People were selling hate on every corner,
No one seemed to care about the other—
People were starving and without a home,
Sister against sister and brother against brother...
Scientists rushing to find the most efficient way to kill—
Bombs that reign great and terrible fire from the sky
For unnecessary wars against people just like them
With no concern for how many live or die.
Polution and trash littered on every street
Because they're more comfortable with laziness and greed
So let the environment cry out in protest
Because the corporations will never concede...
And I wondered what I had done to deserve this,
Why I would land upon such a horrible place—
So I vowed to look for something good
To find this wretched land worthy of grace.

Photocredit: Cruttenden

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