Happy Birthday

Where other people saw fragility,
I saw an invincible force;
Wisdom, ripe with age
For every question, a perfect answer.

You can't take it with you when you go.

Where other people laid down and quit,
You fought on, against the status quo;
Love, stubborn and old fashioned
For every child, unwavering loyalty.

I'm ready! All I gotta do is slip my shoes on.

Where other people swallowed their opinion
I could count on you to be outspoken;
Acceptance, always found
Through every thing, family is still family.

You want something to eat?

Where other people hid from minutes and hours
You strut your independence and health;
Immortal, etched in my memory
For every passing moment, clearly pictured in my mind.

I won't live to see another one...

Where others chose to keep from their thoughts,
I let your words obscure the truth;
Hope, may you live through our presence
Happy Birthday, may you rest in peace.

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