We The People

In the news this week: Nina Davuluri wins Miss America
and "America" reacts to the first (Indian-)American winner
(Click here for the article).
We the people, in order to form
     a more perfect union
Read it, remember it, recite it--
Commit the words to memory
Replace real education
And teach yourself the lie.
See that star-spangled banner wave
    over purple mountain's majesty
Watch it, fly it, revere it--
Raise your voice for the land of the free
And let your body fall
Beneath the weight of chains
Pledge your allegiance blindly
     one hand over your heart
Cry for it, bleed for it, die for it--
Become a hyphen in a sea of wholes
And wonder why you and me
Make a we---not We the People
But a different we...
We the People, 
     in order to form
          a more perfect union--
With the right to Life.
     And The Pursuit of Happiness--
With liberty and justice for all...

With liberty and justice for all?

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