A Voice as Smooth as Silk:

A Spotlight on Jazz

All the way back to the beginning
A merging of worlds,
A collision of souls
Poured over ivory keys
Exploding in brass bellies
Under moon lit streets
As the beat steadies steps...
Evolution at its finest
Telling story after story
Note after smooth note,
Playing in my ears...
Out of darkness, beauty is born:
A voice smooth and pristine
Belted out of saxophone rifts
And trumpet glisses
Jazz is a genre of music started in the southern part of the United States by blacks and is known for its blending of African and European music traditions. Jazz spawned the creative talents of artists such as Duke EllingtonLouis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday. It was through jazz that these artists were able to express emotions and talents that stemmed back to their roots. Bringing to light musical techniques such as syncopation, improvisation, and swing, Jazz has had a lasting effect on modern music. Since its creation, Jazz has spawned numerous sub-genres and styles as well as creating a new style of dance. Jazz is not only a voice created by blacks but an art that brings to mind the image of an American era.


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