Ebb and Flow of the Tide:

Spotlight on Nick Gabaldon

Water is universal,
Blue and white waves
Warm sand and broken shells...
A universal poem
Whispers of carefree days
And legendary creatures
Promises of happiness
Churning in watery smiles
Cast off worries and fears,
Let the tide take you.

Nick Gabaldon
Nick Gabaldon is noted as the first black (and Mexican[2]) surfer. Paddling from "Inkwell"--a black beach--to Malibu (which has the best waves in California) roughly 12 miles away, Gabaldon broke racial barriers and ignored the bounds of segregated beaches in California. During his years he befriended and impressed many of the white surfers who were saddened when Gabaldon died in an unfortunate surfing accident[1]. June 1, 2013 was declared Gabaldon day and several organizations hosted events in honor and memory of Gabaldon. A documentary, 12 Miles North, has also been made to tell his story[2]. Gabaldon proved that some times, all you need is a common language.


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