Eye to Eye

"I got my self a notion
One I know that you'll understand
To set the world in motion
By reaching out for each other's hand
Maybe we'll discover what we should have known all along
One way or another together's where we both belong

If we listen to each other's heart
We'll find we're never too far apart
And maybe love is the reason why
For the first time ever we're seeing it eye to eye"
Eye to Eye - Tevin Campbell
Some times it feels like we're too different—
Unalike in every way,
     and we don't speak the language
We create, feel, and express...
Everything is a world apart
     and yet  here we are, face to face...

If we could move past this barrier
See the human that exists
Beyond our unavoidable difference,
     and find a way to love what we are,
Who would stop us from gazing
     brown, blue, or green—
One eye to one eye?

And would we exist then
In some peaceful state of harmony
     discover beauty in each other's worlds—
Or continue our collision
Of thoughts and words,
     a consequence of our disconnect?


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