May The Odds Be In Your Favor

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

What do you say when no isn't enough,
What do you do, when actions aren't heard--
And if the odds are not in your favor
How do find yourself when the situation is lost?

If the blame fell on you, simply because
No one believed the betrayal you claimed
And your motives were questioned
Your entire life placed on display
For the world to examine...

How do you cope when the world
Is still deciding what is and isn't--
What you should and shouldn't feel
If you are or aren't responsible,
And the odds are not in your favor?

Do you scream, do you fight,
Do you lock the pain away in a secret box
And hide your shame from prying eyes--
Suffer in silence to avoid the world?

Do you ever become whole again?
If the odds were never in your favor?

Photocredit: Awareness Gallery


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