The Water Never Stands Still

Wufengci Waterfall in Taiwann.
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The water never stands still

Never runs back to visit
    to risk tearing open old wounds
    for a peak at what once was--
         perhaps it will be again...

But water can only look forward.

It cannot worry
     about the life it left behind;
     about troubles that have always been--
         the water only moves on
And its beauty never fades

Rushing forth to the unknown
    a path cut deep in the earth
    cradling unfazed molecules
         unconcerned, unbreakable
Flowing gently toward something...

The water never stands still
    it lives to reach its paradise
    carrying its dirt and debris
         along its winding twists and turns
Until its all melded together
    one body,
    one heartbeat,
         flowing at peace.

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