The Perils of Negative Thoughts

Angry words of modern men fall flat
The weight of adverse thoughts plague empty minds
While the joys of life slip away from that...

Time is wasted, whittled and undefined--
Leaves trouble to brew in unattended gaps,
Devours and defines the rot of mankind.

Something about this emotion unwraps
From inside minds unstable and impure--
Takes over the soul of whom it entraps.

Ask not the soul this trouble we let lure
Why oft we fall--unconcerned unattached
Our emotions run away strong but unsure?

Frivolous and trivial be detached,
Wherefore positive thought can entertain
Free from this sorrow we've already hatched.

We stand with idle minds free from gain
Writhe at the mercy of the fear it reminds
As though we are unable to sway the brain.

We press on in spite this unsightly rut--
Frantic we argue, we try to rebut
Angry words of modern men--fall flat
While the joys of life slip away like that...


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