Visions of Love

Incoherent babbles of shy teens--
Roses, red and delicate
Hushed whispers of promised things
A soft kiss, sweet and affectionate
Under sparkling stars we sit
Torn apart by distance and fears
A short walk, smiles and cunning wit
Long nights full of empty tears...
The embarrassment of snorts in giggles
Ocean water washing over our moving feet
Awkward motions of dancing wiggles
By the phone waiting on your voice to speak--
Ice cream mends a broken heart,
Hand enclosed in hand
From a little spark, this fire might start
Soft eyes and thrown away plans.
Cozy moments in theaters dark
Comfort, lounging on couches lazily
Rain falls as we walk in the park
Arms embracing, more words shared
Goofy photographs in a photo booth
A shoulder to lean on because we cared
Two adults reliving the beauty of youth.
Good morning and good night,
Silver and diamonds--rings for two
Thinking about you at first light...
White, flowers, vows--I do.


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