The Miracle of Being Born

Being born healthy and into a loving family is the first testimony.

Yes, I know there are 7 billion people on the planet and you probably are thinking that being born isn't miraculous or testimony worthy. I disagree with that sentiment for a variety of reasons. Both atheists and theists, regardless of religion, can agree that conceiving a child is special, precious, and miraculous. The notion that two cells can merge to create life in a body that will be built based on by merging the blueprints of the original two cells is mind blowing, whether you try to explain it with science or whether you acknowledge God's hand in the creation. On top of simply being created, I was fortunate enough to come into the world with all 5 of my senses, no health issues, deformities, or cognitive impairments, to parents who wanted and loved me. I could have been aborted or born premature (in fact I was born 2 weeks early, whereas prematurity is defined as more than 3 weeks early). For whatever reason, God brought me in to the world the gentle way, and that is the first testimony of my life.


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