Mushroom Gravy

This delicious mushroom gravy is easily made vegetarian or vegan. Mushroom gravy is great for rice, potatoes, and pasta, but it's also great for entrees like chicken or beef. Hope you enjoy!


1/2 CupWarm or hot water
1 TbspButter (use vegan butter to make vegan)
2 TbspCorn starch
1 TspSoy sauce
1 CupVegetable broth (beef or chicken broth will work as well)
2 CupsSliced mushrooms
1 SmallYellow bell pepper
1 SmallRed bell pepper
1 TbspGrated or chopped carrot
To TasteSalt
To TastePepper
To TastePaprike
To TasteItalian Seasoning


  1. Prepare mushrooms, peppers, and carrot — Slice the mushrooms thinly. I used a combination of mushrooms (white button, Maitake Frondosa, Forest Nameko, and Velvet Pioppini), but you can use whatever kind you prefer. Chop the peppers and carrot. Personally, I'm not a fan of eating carrots, but I love the flavor they add, so I felt I had to add them to the recipe. If you enjoy carrots feel free to use more.
  2. Melt butter — Melt the butter on medium in a medium sized saucepan
  3. Saute Veggies — Add the mushrooms, peppers and carrot to the melted butter and let sauté until ingredients soft (about 10 minutes). Don't forget to stir occasionally.
  4. Prepare paste — Add 1 tablespoon of corn starch to hot water and stir until it dissolves into the water. Add the rest of the cornstarch the same way. Finally add soy sauce to the mixture. The soy sauce gives it a little kick and gives it's deep brown color
  5. Add broth — Add broth to mushrooms and bring to a boil
  6. Add corn starch mixture — Slowly add in corn starch mixture while stirring
  7. Season — Add in seasoning to taste. Remember soy sauce is heavy in sodium so you'll want to go easy on the salt
  8. Simmer — Let mixture rise to a boil then set the burner to low and let simmer. Stir occasionally, and the sauce will thicken. Once the sauce reaches your desired thickness it is ready. (You can add more broth if the sauce thickens too quickly or create more of the corn starch mixture and add it if the sauce isn't thick enough.)

Hope you enjoy!

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