Etheree Poetry

Nov 8, 2022 6:15 PM
Original Publication Date
October 29, 2014
Types of Poetry


An Etheree poem consists of 10 lines; the first line has one syllable and each subsequent line increases by one in syllable count. Similarly, a reverse Etheree can be penned by starting with 10 syllables in line one, and decreasing the syllable count. A double Etheree is created by combining an Etheree and a reverse Etheree and a double reverse Etheree is creating from a reverse Etheree followed by a single Etheree.

My Tips, Tricks, & Opinions

Feel free to leave your thoughts and advice in the comment section below.

Achieve the Unique

The Etheree is all about building to a point. The use of gradually increasing (or decreasing) syllables can be used to add dramatic emphasis. I tend to gravitate to the Etheree style for two types of topics:

1. Heavy - topics that are emotionally heavy, sad or compelling, and

2. Lazy - topics that conjure the image or feeling of drowsiness (like rain), in which I want a slow, steady rhythm.

However, this style is suitable for any topic.

A Few Tips

As always, syllables can be tricky. It's definitely a good idea to have access to a syllable counter for trickier words. It is also possible to incorporate a rhyme scheme (particularly interesting is the inclusion of internal rhyme), for an added layer of complexity.


Raindrops (October 29, 2014)



On the roof

Pitter patter

Like a ticking clock

Constant, steady, falling

It lulls me into deep sleep

Where nothing breaks the sweet rhythm

Where beauty sprouts from droplet pools

Nature calls me back to welcome arms

And I listen to raindrops peacefully

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