Let’s Talk About What’s Going to Happen Next

    A lot of people are scared to talk about prophecy, but as believers prophecy should be good news to us. This season we're going to explore the beauty of prophecy; we're leaving fear-mongering and anxiety behind.
    “When you enter into battle in your land against an adversary who is attacking you, sound short blasts on the trumpets, and you will be remembered before the Lord your God and be saved from your enemies.”
    Numbers 10:9 CSB


    I usually start seasons in January or February and let the season run until October, but this year we’re going to shake it up and start a new season now.[1] Recently the Holy Spirit has been calling me to talk about prophecy. Whats interesting is that the conviction to change gears came to me around the time of the Feast of Trumpets (also known as Rosh Hashanah). The Feast of Trumpets is a fall feast declared by the Most High in the Old Testament. It was a call to repentance in preparation for the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). Prophetically, the Feast of Trumpets represents the signs (such as the 7 trumpets of Revelation) that signal the end is near. This will also be a call to repentance to prepare for Judgement Day (the fulfillment of the Day of Atonement).[2]

    Needless to say this sealed the deal that the timing was significant and I shouldn’t wait. However, before we dive in head first, I want to cover two things.

    Fear of Discussing Prophecy

    Many of my friends are afraid to discus prophecy and I understand why. When I was a child I was terrified of the end of the world. I had never read Revelation and had no clue that Daniel was prophesying about the end of time. I just heard the old folk talk about fire and brimstone, and a time of death. It definitely doesn’t sound pleasant. No one ever talked about it as the end of the war or the victory of God’s people or the destruction of evil.

    What actually got me interested in prophecy was the Left Behind series. I’ll disclaim here that I don’t agree with the theology presented in the series, but I didn’t know that when I read the series. In fact, I couldn’t figure out what inspired the events of the story. My church had only talked about fire—where did the idea of the rapture come from? Why was it 7 years? Why did the antichrist figure have the name he had or come from the region he did? It inspired me to study for myself.

    So I know, this season might be scary at first but trust me, prophecy is fascinating and as it reveals itself your faith will grow which will also make it less scary.

    Fear Mongering and Preparation

    There are a few schools of thought on end times which lead to different interpretations; we’ll get in to that as we go through the season. However, one thing I’ve noticed across the board is a type of fear mongering atmosphere that comes about with most people who talk about end times prophecy. A lot of time there’s a pressure about preparing for and being ready for the end. Now I agree that we need to prepare and be ready spiritually, but that’s typically not what they’re talking about. When COVID shut the world down in 2020, the number of people telling everyone to run to the hills, get off grid, stockpile food, etc., was overwhelming.

    Let me be clear:—and this will be the scariest thing I’m going to say all season if you don’t have faith already built—no amount of physical preparation is going to save you. The Most High will take care of His people. When Israel fled Egypt, God fed them manna from the sky (Exodus 16:11-16). When Elijah was in the wilderness, God sent a bird with food (1 Kings 17). When the Mark of the Beast is issued, you will not be able to buy or sell if you choose The Most High.


    Even if you have a house that you paid off, you will not be able to pay the utilities (which can lead to your property being condemned and taken from you depending on where you live) and you will not be able to pay the taxes for the year (which means they can take your property from you). If you don’t own a property outright, you won’t be able to pay monthly rent or a mortgage. There’s a high probability you’ll have to vacate.

    On the Run

    If you have to flee, how will you carry any food you have stockpiled? Unless you drive a classic, your car has a tracker on you and would lead the powers that be straight to you. Also, you won’t be able to pay for gas (or electricity if we’ve converted to EVs by then). You’d need a horse (and buggy if you want to carry your stockpile) to not be trackable. If you carry the buggy you’ll have to stay on the road and you’ll be no match for the vehicles of the enforcers trying to catch you. You could ditch the buggy and lead your horse on paths cars can’t take, but you won’t be able to carry much in a saddle bag.

    No matter what we talk about this season, I want you to have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about your escape plan. Our job is to be ready spiritually, to use our discernment to not be deceived into follow the beast. Our Father will sort out the rest.

    Reading for the Next Episode

    Because I believe everything should be backed by scripture, I encourage you to read along this season. I’m going to try to be organized enough to tell you what chapters we’ll be covering next at the end of each episode so you can be familiar with the passage we’re discussing. Our first few episodes will be on the Exodus (don’t worry, it’ll make sense when everything comes together). We’re going to cover a sizable chunk of Exodus so you might want to read the whole book but for the very next episode at most we’ll cover up to Exodus 12.

    References and Footnotes

    1. Well, the meat and potatoes will start in October, but technically this is the first episode so we’re starting now.
    2. Check out my previous episodes on the feast days for more:Let’s Have A FeastLet’s Have A Feast (Pt. 2), and Let’s Have A Feast (Pt 3)
    Published on Saturday, September 23, 2023
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