Sabbath Thoughts: June 29, 2024

    This Sabbath my thoughts were on our natural(?) association of nature and eden-like locations with fantasy and what the world would look like material-wise if sin hadn't entered the world.
    I like to take long walks in nature on Sabbath. Not only do I fine peace in this endeavor but I inevitably find myself dwelling on spiritual matters. This time, I decided to write them down.

    Back to Eden

    On this particular hike, I found myself telling a friend the trail reminded me of an epic fantatsy. It was a winding, dirt path that followed a stream occasionally driving upward, downard, or deeper into the woods. This made me wonder: why do we associate fantasy (and sometimes sci-fi) lanscapes with beautiful scenery often untouched by humans? Is this reflective a deep desire to return to the Garden of Eden—or New Jerusalem as discussed in Revelation?


    Natural materials decay and thus degrade into compost or dust over time. However, humands create plastics and other materials that do not degrade. Not only do we create these materials, but we have a horrible habit of leaving these objects anywhere when we cease to have need for them (re: litering). As I noticed a few pieces of liter scattered in the woods, I began to wonder about some timgs.
    1. Why do we make things that could possibly last forever
    2. Are these objects undesirale because they are not natural and living like the ones God created?
    3. In the garden, there was no death or sacrifices, what would we have created objects from? I'm thinking everything would have been made from mud, clay, brick or stone...maybe we would still have cotton?
    4. Would we have eaten root vegetables like radishes and carrots? (They require picking the whole plant, and thus killing it, to consume the root)

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    Published on Monday, July 1, 2024
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