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Chapter by Chapter Breakdown

Jonah 4: Selfish Righteousness
JonahChapter StudyAngerMental HealthRepentance and ForgivenessAssyria
Jonah 1: Running From God
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Important People

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Parallels Between Jonah and Messiah

I once heard a pastor preach a sermon about the similarities of Messiah and Jonah. Messiah Himself says that the “sign” people where asking for was the parallels between Himself and Jonah. Most people remember the reference to Jonah being in the belly of a sea creature for three days (Matthew 12:38-41) and think that’s all there is, but there’s so much more—and it starts before he is even swallowed!

🕢 Event
👑 Messiah
🦈 Jonah
Falls asleep on a boat and is awakened due to a storm
Jonah 1:4-6
Cut off from the world of the living for 3 days and 3 nights
Jonah 2
Warns the people to repent
40 days before the judgment

Interesting Facts